Blogs and sites of authors I know and admire.

Rachel Adams is a Columbia professor involved in disability studies who writes good books and articles and columns.

Christopher Barzak is a fine novelist, an advocate (and producer) of working-class literature, and a professor at good old YSU.

Haddayr Copley-Woods is a horror writer, science fiction fan, advice columnist, and disability advocate.

Ray Davis, a pioneer in the blogging medium, is an utterly brilliant amateur critic of literature, film, and culture.

L. Timmel Duchamp is an author and publisher of feminist science fiction who’s uneasy with compliments.

Jennifer Egan is an excellent journalist and novelist whom I’ve had the privilege of corresponding with and interviewing.

Karen Joy Fowler is one of America’s great living novelists and a powerful voice in the feminist science fiction world.

H. Bruce Franklin has been a huge influence on my criticism, although my prose style will never live up to his.

Liz Henry is a programmer, poet, editor, activist (for feminist and disability causes), and groovy person.

Greg Klyma is an irresistible country singer and storyteller from Cheektowaga, NY who now lives in Somerville, MA.

Simi Linton is a veteran disability activist, critic, memoirist, and orator whose work you must watch and read.

Koritha Mitchell is an indispensable scholar, educator, and public intellectual best known for her incisive analyses of racism.

James Morrow writes gorgeous and compassionate novels in the satirical atheist tradition that cross genre boundaries.

Leroy Moore is a tireless activist for people of color in disability culture and for disability in black American thought and activism.

Therí Pickens is a cutting-edge scholar/educator in black disability studies and an indefatigable fashion critic.

Nisi Shawl is an ingenious, ground-breaking, and witty teacher and author as well as being very knowledgeable about pie.

Vandana Singh is an innovator in science teaching and the author of sad and beautiful science fiction stories.

Min Hyoung Song is a generous and thoughtful scholar and teacher of contemporary fiction.

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