Introduction to Academic Discourse, with themes including Class in America, Body Image, Gender, and Rhetoric

College Composition, with themes including Perceptions of Culture, Popular Culture, Cultural Identity

Popular Fiction: Outsiders, Minions, and Strange Bodies in U.S. Science Fiction

Honors Composition, with the theme of Disability Rights and Culture

Analytical Reading and Writing, with theme of Cultural Identity and Social Change

Introduction to English Studies: Drama, Poetry, Prose, Graphic Narrative

American Literature: Themes and Values in American Prose

Introduction to Fiction: Enlightenment to Postmodern

Survey of U.S. Literature II, 1865 – present

Dissent in America: Black Liberation, Vietnam War, Feminism, Disability Rights

Social Issues in Literature: Visible Disability in Fiction, Film, and Drama

Literature and Criticism: Classical, 18th Century, Modern, Contemporary

Issues in Contemporary Literature: Conspiracy and Suspicion in Global Fiction

American Literature and Society: American Noir

American Literature and Society: 1950s Literature of Protest

Contemporary Criticism: Rise of Disability Criticism



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